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Recently we have registered increased number of Win32/Scano and Win32/Viking worms. Win32/Stration worm daily comes in few new variants. There was a serious vulnerability discovered in MS Internet Explorer (CVE-2006-4868), it’s spreading and exploitation is yet minimal. Anyway, we do not recommend visiting unreliable sites, turning off Active Scripting in MS IE can be considered prevention.
Description - [read it here]


Description - [read it here]
Free cleaner available - [download here].

Virusradar currently registers spreading activity from another Bagle-worm variant.
Description - [read it here]
Free cleaner available - download here.

Win32/TrojanClicker. Bomka.C
Free cleaner available (Bomka.C) - download here

(aka Nyxem.E, Kama Sutra)
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Description - read here.

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ThreatSense.Net: August 2006 Top 10
3. September 2006

Phishing Attacks Remain high. HTML/Phishing.gen was the top threat during August.  [more...]

ThreatSense.Net: July 2006 Top 10
2. August  2006

The Win32/Brontok.B worm was the top threat in July 2006. According to Eset's “ThreatSense.Net” ™ global computer malware reporting system, Brontok.B was responsible for 6% of overall reported malware occurences. [more...]

ThreatSense.Net: June 2006 Top 10
1. July 2006

The Win32/TrojanDownloader.Swizzor Trojan, once again, was the top threat in June 2006. According to Eset's “ThreatSense.Net” ™ global computer malware reporting system, Swizzor was responsible for over 6% of overall reported malware detections. [more...]

NOD32 Remote Administrator 1.0.11 released
17. June 2006

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Eset Delivers Generic Patch for Microsoft Word Vulnerability
22. May 2006
As of early Sunday morning on May 21, 2006 (CET), Eset customers with ThreatSense® Update version 1.1551 are proactively protected against the latest zero-day exploit against Microsoft Word. Andreas Marx, AV-Test CEO, said “Eset was not only one of the first anti-virus companies which had signatures in place to stop the already known attacks used by the Win32/GenWui Trojan, but they also had the first generic detection in place on May 21 around midnight (GMT). This effectively prevents all future malware attacks attempting to exploit this zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Word.”


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